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Getting Started
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Getting  Started

You've attended an orientation and set up your account.
Now's the time to get comfortable with the Safe Shelter Collaborative. If you have questions, here are some suggestions on where to find answers.

Preparing Your Organization To Use SafeNight (PDF)

​Helpful tips on topics to discuss and consider before you start using SafeNight.

Activating Your Account

Before you can access your SSC account you must activate it. You should have received an email with a link to get started.
Watch this video to see the first steps you need to take to start using the Safe Shelter Collaborative at your agency.

Setting Up Notifications

A key part of using the Safe Shelter Collaborative is first indicating how your agency should be notified for referrals.
Watch this video to see how easy it is--and quick!--to enter or edit your contact preferences for client referrals.
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Turnover Happens

When you've hired a new staff member, or staff need to refresh their skills, use these helpful resources to get up to speed. Consult resources, watch videos, and help train staff in the way that makes sense for your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we receive a question about the Safe Shelter Collaborative, we make sure to include it here. If you can't find an answer you seek, please get in touch.
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Adding Another User 

When you use the SSC to locate shelter, it's important to have more than one staff person who can send requests and receive referrals. 
Add another user so when you're on vacation, sick, or aren't available, your coworker can respond to referrals and make requests. 
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How can we support you?

Your problems are ours to solve.

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Using hotels
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Using Hotels


For some agencies, hotels are a critical piece of providing emergency shelter. Learn how to include them in the services you provide.

Hotel Vouchering Spotlight on Iowa Programs

Listen to this information-rich conversation about using hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event took place on April 17, 2020 and is part of the Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium COVID-19 Special Topic Series.

Tips From Sheltering Agencies

This handy resource includes quotes and tips from domestic violence agencies on using hotels for emergency shelter. Any type of agency or shelter that uses or wants to begin using hotels might benefit from this information.

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Guidance for using hotels to meet survivors’ immediate safety and housing needs

Read this terrific guide crafted by the Domestic Violence and Housing Technical Assistance Consortium (DVTAHC), packed with assistance that focuses on using hotels in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safety Considerations When Using Hotels

This resource was developed by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and includes quotes and tips from domestic violence agencies on using hotels for emergency shelter. Any type of agency might benefit from some of these best practices.

Building Relationships With Hotels And Motels (recorded webinar)

Learn how the Carr P Collins Center in Dallas, TX -- a Safe Shelter Collaborative member -- developed a relationship with local hotels to provide emergency shelter for their clients.
This recording of a live webinar lasts 60 minutes. Watch as much as you can!
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Use a member agency's forms (from A New Leaf in Mesa, AZ)
Responsibility form
Use this to share the rules clients must agree to and confirm by signing.

Hotel Information Sheet
Use this to record hotel and client information.

Blank Hotel Voucher
Use this to spell out the agreement between the client and the hotel.

Intake Checklist
Use this during intake to record client information and share program resources.

Get the Word Out

Support, Always!

We are eager to help answer any questions, provide resources, or listen to feedback about the Safe Shelter Collaborative. You can reach us at
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Getting the word out

Helpful tips on engaging your supporters

Promote, Invite, and Thank

Use these samples to promote your membership in the SSC, invite agencies in your network, and to thank your generous donors for supporting your organization.
Copy and paste for your newsletters, press releases, web site, emails, and other outreach communications.

Building Your Donor Base (recorded webinar)

Learn how to develop a base of donors to support your work and requests made via the SafeNight app. Hear practical tips from an agency whose supporters use the SafeNight app to fund hotel stays.

Social Media Samples (also on the SafeNight web site)

Visit the Share page to find tweets and Facebook posts you can use or modify. Follow SafeNightapp on Twitter and retweet relevant tweets. Friend Caravan Studios on Facebook to learn of new ways we're talking about SafeNight and growing the SafeNight community.

SafeNight PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) 

Use this presentation to share SafeNight with supporters and staff who need to know about this new service at your organization.

Newsletter Archives

Find out what we've thought about by reading a past newsletter. If you'd like to receive future newsletters, please sign up.

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Giving Tuesday Resources 

Giving Tuesday is an annual online event each year that is a perfect day to engage your community around supporting your agency via the SafeNight app. Use images and social media samples for your outreach.

Keeping Your SafeNight Donors Engaged (PDF)

Helpful tips on organizing donor information and recruiting new supporters.

Expand Your Reach Using Social Media

This Top 10 List of tips can help you use social media to engage new supporters.

SafeNight App Video (2 min video)

Consider sharing this video of the SafeNight mobile app with your donors as an outreach tool. This video shows the app in action, from completing a user profile to making a donation, everything a potential donor will do when using SafeNight.

SafeNight Flyers, Posters, and Palm Cards (also on the SafeNight website) 

Print these materials to share with donors, hand out at events, and let people know your agency is using SafeNight to fund safe alternative shelter.

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Using SafeNight

Using the SafeNight App

Make sure your agency and your supporters have what they need.

Send donors to

Make sure you send your supporters to so they can download the app and start responding to your requests.

Messaging you can use to promote SafeNight

Cut, paste, use, and be inspired by these key points about the SafeNight app.
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Preparing your organization to use SafeNight

Here are some tips on what to consider as you begin engaging supporters using the SafeNight app.

Promoting SafeNight to your supporters

Use these tips to plan where and how you might promote SafeNight to your supporters.
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