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Your contributions fuel our collective impact.
The Safe Shelter Collaborative is made up of organizations and individuals from communities across the country—such as shelters, victim assistance specialists, funders, and community members—who want to help survivors find safe secure shelter when they need it most.

Safe Shelter Collaborative snapshot:

3,246 survivors helped



2,728 supporters

are ready to fund emergency shelter


$62,642donated via  973 donations*


                             * since 2015


5,447 requests for shelter have resulted in 2,273 placements


227 agencies in

18 states participate in

 the Safe Shelter Collaborative

Stats through Dec 1, 2022


The calculation of "survivors helped" is the sum of donations made via SafeNight and successful shelter placements. Because the Safe Shelter Collaborative does not request any identifying data about survivors, we do not have precise numbers, instead we rely on funding and placement activity. We can presume with confidence that the number of survivors helped exceeds 3,246 because we expect that requests for hotel funding or placements might include more than one person seeking shelter or that placements are made when agencies don't close out a case.

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