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Become an Ally

If you’re interested in getting the word out or perhaps organizing a group of sheltering organizations to join a regional collaborative, thank you for your commitment and your enthusiasm! We’ve assembled some helpful resources you can cut and paste to get you started.

An Ally is…

A person who helps get the word out, an organizing force in helping to form regional collaboratives of sheltering agencies. An Ally spreads the word about the Safe Shelter Collaborative, connecting agencies to each other and to us. An Ally might organize information sessions, or speak about the Safe Shelter Collaborative. It’s up to you: bring your strengths and interest!


Start by using any of the messaging we’ve assembled, below. Also let us know you’re interested in becoming an Ally. We’d love to support you.

What it does 

Cut & Paste Messaging

Use these words in your outreach. Pick and choose, cut and paste, and most importantly: thank you!

Our website
More context
Helpful data
It’s free
Our current funders
Share a video about the Safe Shelter Collaborative
Include information sheets

Support, always!

At any point during this process, our support team is ready to help with technical questions, operational best practices, and general assistance. Our web site is also filled with resources staff can use to get started and expand their knowledge:

You’ve spread the word and you’re ready to help launch a regional collaborative

What does it look like?

There are agencies:

A mix of sheltering agencies and referral agencies (around 8, but each region is different) spanning a county, a city, or even a state, depending on the best fit for your area.

A kick-off meeting:

Caravan Studios will schedule this informative meeting for all participating agencies and stakeholders. This in-person or online meeting will take an hour, and will include introductions to all of the participating agencies, account set up, and testing the process to some practice in how the Safe Shelter Collaborative works. 

An official launch:

When all participating agencies are ready to go, we'll select a date to officially launch the collaborative. At this point, agencies have all of the information needed and feel comfortable moving forward together.

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