Getting  Started

You've attended an orientation and set up your account on SafeShelter Online.

Now's the time to get comfortable with SafeShelter Online and determine who is responsible for managing it. Here are some suggestions on where to start.

Preparing Your Organization To Use SafeNight (PDF)

​Helpful tips on topics to discuss and consider before you start using SafeNight.

Activating Your Account

Before you can access your SSC account you must activate it. You should have received an email with a link to get started.
Watch this video to see the first steps you need to take to start using the Safe Shelter Collaborative at your agency.

Setting Up Notifications

A key part of using the Safe Shelter Collaborative is first indicating how your agency should be notified for referrals.
Watch this video to see how easy it is--and quick!--to enter or edit your contact preferences for client referrals.
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Turnover Happens

When you've hired a new staff member, or staff need to refresh their skills, use these helpful resources to get up to speed. Consult resources, watch videos, and help train staff in the way that makes sense for your agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we receive a question about the Safe Shelter Collaborative, we make sure to include it here. If you can't find an answer you seek, please get in touch.
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Adding Another User 

When you use the SSC to locate shelter, it's important to have more than one staff person who can send requests and receive referrals. 
Add another user so when you're on vacation, sick, or aren't available, your coworker can respond to referrals and make requests. 
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