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Getting  Started

You've attended an orientation and set up your account on SafeShelter Online.

Now's the time to get comfortable with SafeShelter Online and determine who is responsible for managing it. Here are some suggestions on where to start.

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Using Hotels


For some agencies, hotels are a critical piece of providing emergency shelter. Learn how to include them in the services you provide.

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Use a member agency's forms (from A New Leaf in Mesa, AZ)


Responsibility form

Use this to share the rules clients must agree to and confirm by signing.

Hotel Information Sheet

Use this to record hotel and client information.

Blank Hotel Voucher

Use this to spell out the agreement between the client and the hotel.

Intake Checklist

Use this during intake to record client information and share program resources.


Getting the word out

Need some intro text like: there are great ways to engage your donors and users.

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Using the SafeNight App

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Support, Always!

Lea Policoff, Program Director, is eager to help answer any questions, provide resources, or listen to feedback about the Safe Shelter Collaborative. You can reach her at

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